Unicycle Safety Gear Buying Guide

Even pros falls off their unicycle every now and again – it’s part of learning. Though it might feel uncomfortable to wear, it’s important to stay safe. Trust us, messing up your hair by wearing a safety helmet is a small price to pay to stay out of hospital!

Here are some of our recommendations of safety gear to wear when wearing your unicycle.


Bullet Helmet

Available in a choice of four colours and three sizes, this High Density ABS Injection Moulded Bullet Helmet keeps you safe and still looking good! With a 12 vent cooling system and a three piece removable inner padding, you won’t have to trade comfort to keep your head in one piece.



Bullet Protective Padding Set

Available in a choice of three colours, this six piece set consists of a pair of wrist guards, a pair of knee pads, and a pair of elbow pads. With Velcro straps, high grade Cordura construction and durable Polycarbonate high impact caps, this is the perfect set to protect your venerable joints.


Leg Armour

Kris Holm ‘Percussion’ Body Armour

Designed by Canadian off-road Unicycling pioneer Kris Holm, these high quality leg armour is aimed at keeping you safe, yet still allowing you enough movement to perform tricks. With full coverage for the front and back of the legs, these are highly recommend if you like dangerous tricks or more extreme muni riding.


Qu-Ax 20″ Unicycle BackPack

Though this won’t do much to keep you safe, it’s perfect to protect your unicycle. ¬†Available for 20″ unicycles as well as 24″ to 27.5″ unicycles, this fashionable QU-AX unicycle backpack protects your unicycle and is a neat transport solution for when you’re off on a ride.¬†Made from tear-resistant tissue, it also features a reinforced bottom, a flap to protect the zip, reinforced pedal-pouches, cushioned shoulder-straps, a compactable saddle-pouch to adjust on individual seat-height, and straps to fix your leg-armor on the inside (towards your bag) to cushion your back against the unicycle.